Not a day has gone by without consumers complaining about the lack of rear air vents on the Mitsubishi Outlander and now Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has a solution for that. Introducing the air circulator, an official accessory available for the Outlander 2.0L and 2.4L.

The air circulator works by drawing in fresh cool air from the front, charge it and blast it at the rear passengers – similar set up as the Triton facelift but the pick up truck admittedly is better integrated to the cabin. There are two fan speed setting and two adjustable vents for your convenience.

MMM offers the air circulator for RM1,485 inclusive of installation and can be fitted onto brand new and existing Outlanders. This combined with the dual-zone automatic climate control and premium security and tinting film, your rear passengers will not complaint about the heatwave in the Outlander anymore.

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Adrian Chia
He believes that the perfect remedy to Monday blues is a mixture of 4 wheels, clear roads and a pinch of twisty tarmac. A hot hatch is the icing on the cake.