What’s the Buzz: We thought the flying car would look like this…

Our ears and eyes must have played tricks on us because the Minister of Entrepreneur Development was quoted on numerous occasions by the press to have said ‘flying car’. Alas, during the concept’s surprise preview at LIMA 2019, the flying car turned out looking a lot like a drone, a scale model at that, not really a working one, yet.

But don’t worry flying contraption fans (hello, you there?), according to Aerodyne Group’s business development and consulting senior director, Imtyaz Mohd Azzat, this two-seater drone called Vector can carry up to 200 kg and fly 50 m above ground at 60 km/h, powered by four electric motors, not hot air. Vector is expected to take flight this coming June, at least according to this report filed by The Star Online.

Yes, seriously.

The Aerodyne Group describes itself as “a leading unmanned aerial systems solutions provider” on its Facebook page. Imtyaz also paid tribute to the government for the latter’s support in developing an ‘ecosystem’, something that may have been indirectly confirmed by opposition MP Khairy Jamaluddin in a recent tweet pointing to the inclusion of ‘flying vehicle’ in the draft copy of the new National Automotive Policy. Gasp!


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