After 5,000 hours (approx. 208 days) and 467,854 pieces of LEGO bricks weighing over a tonne; behold, a 1:1 scale of the McLaren Senna.

Of the 5000 hours, 2,725 hours were needed by a team of 10 specialist assemblers to piece together the Ultimate Series McLaren, which weighs 500 kg more than the actual car at 1,700 kg.

In the same time it took to built this live-sized Senna, McLaren said they would’ve been able to hand-assemble nine real McLaren Sennas.

While you may not be able to drive it like the LEGO-fied Bugatti Chiron, viewers can still hop in and “start the car” with a push start button to hear a simulation of the engine coming to life – with fully functional lights and infotainment system.

The interior also comes with a lightweight carbon fibre driver seat, steering wheel and pedals from the actual car. Actual McLaren badges are fitted and the wheels and Pirelli tyres are exactly as specified on the real car.

This, however, is not the first collaboration between McLaren and LEGO. In 2017, the British supercar maker and Danish company unveiled a 1:1 scale of the McLaren 720S which required 200,000 less LEGO bricks to build.


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