Video: Toyota Camry 2.5 V Review

So you’ve seen Adrian’s introductory video of the “all-new” Toyota Camry 2.5 V, let me share my thoughts on this car with you.

The new Toyota Camry, unveiled at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show has received heavy criticisms mostly due to the fact that it’s still utilising the old powertrain that has powered generations of Camrys before this and it’s unanimously unacceptable asking price of RM189,900.

But is it necessarily a bad thing? As you’d be able to tell in the busy comment section of the video, it seems to be a massive deal breaker but some have been quick to respond – that a proven albeit slightly seasoned formula, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

With all things considered from the video, what do you think?



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