Honda Civic Type R for PDRM: For the sake of the stick

Local PDRM officers inspecting the Civic Type R

It’s not uncommon for car companies in Malaysia to loan test units to law enforcement agencies in an effort to boost fleet sales. Just like other government agencies, police force are customers too and they do get a lot of eyeballs.

Honda Civic Type R for PDRM
Looks like the PDRM is getting two Honda Civic variants for evaluation, we like the one with the oversized spoiler more.

So when a set of images showing the Honda Civic Type R in PDRM colours cropped up on social media, you can imagine the level of interest generated by this 310 hp hot hatch produced by Honda’s Swindon plant in the United Kingdom.

Honda Civic Type R for PDRM
Let’s hope PDRM catch bad guys faster with the Type R.

Apparently the FK8 Civic Type R is set to undergo ‘technical evaluation’ by the PDRM on its suitability; of which we believe the Type R will pass with flying colours – it’s rapid, sticks to the road, rides comfortably and has a spacious enough interior for personnel who may have had one goreng pisang too many. Even hoodlums will find its ample rear legroom rather pleasant.

The PDRM has over years maintained quite a desirable fleet of fast patrol cars, ranging from the Alfa Romeo Alfetta in the 70s, the Volvo 850 T5 wagon in the 90s and more recently, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X – all of which we believe have three pedals, so the Type R with its slick 6-speed manual transmission may actually be carrying on a proud tradition.


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