There’s more than one reason why 100k units of Perodua Myvi have been sold

So Perodua has just announced that sales for the third-generation Myvi has exceeded the 100,000 mark. That’s 100,000 cars in just 14 months since it was launched.

You may consider it sacrilegious but it’s hard to not draw parallels between the Perodua Myvi and say, the original Volkswagen Beetle.

Have you read our throwback story on the original Volkswagen Beetle?

With over 20 million units of the latter made and sold in a production run that lasted more than half a century, the Myvi is a long way from surpassing or even reaching that incredible mark but that’s not the point here.

Point is, the Beetle sold in droves because of how simple, practical and affordable it was – just like the Myvi – which surpassed the 1-millionth mark in June 2017, with the first and second generation models.

As for the third generation model which was launched in November 2017, 100,000 units have been delivered as Perodua just announced, with its momentum unlikely to slow down any time soon and there’s more than one reason to believe so.

It’s cheap to own

I wouldn’t even call it affordable, considering the abundance of features on offer. At RM54,090 for the highest spec 1.5 AV, it’s only around RM3,000 more than the highest spec first generation Myvi first launched in 2006, priced at around RM51,000 then.

I remember cause I owned one of those – the EXi model to be exact – which had only two airbags and ABS (would you believe it) to shout about.

Factoring inflation and the addition of countless features expected of a car, that RM5,000 extra on the asking price for the third generation Myvi is nothing in comparison.

More spacious than most lavatories

Have you been in one of those? Where they are so cramped that your shoulders would brush the walls even by turning your body?

The Myvi (whether of new or old) wasn’t anything like that; in fact, far from it. When the first generation model burst into the scene back in 2006, mention Myvi and the first thing people would talk about was how spacious it was.

It was probably the first time ever that a national car of that price range offered that much head and knee room and the tradition, fortunately, has been carried forward to the new model. Boot space in the third generation model has also increased – up 70-litres from before at 277 litres.

Proven drivetrain with plentiful features

Nothing is offers more assurance in terms of engine longevity than the words “shared with Toyota”.

While the 1.3 models share the same engine with the Toyota Avanza, the 1.5 models inherit the same unit that powers the near bulletproof Toyota Vios and it really doesn’t take an automotive enthusiast to know how reliable those engines are.

And then you have the features – which is almost endless in the 1.5AV model – with LED head and tail lamps, reverse camera, six airbags, 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating, Hill Start Assist, Bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen head unit, power-retractable side mirrors and the most idolised feature – the Smart Tag reader.

The Myvi GT Concept at KLIMS 2018.

And then there’s the whole Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) System that offers Pre-Collision Warning (PCW), Pre-Collision Braking (PCB), Front Departure Alert (FDA) and Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC).

Are you surprised that Perodua is selling 1,560 units per week (on average) of the new Myvi? And that it overtook the Kancil’s all-time sales record of 708,000 units from 1994 – 2009?

I’m not. You may call this a stroke on Perodua’s ego, but hey, looking at what’s on offer, is this really a suck-up exercise or a mere statement of fact? The choice is still yours.

If my BMW E36 325i wasn’t so dependable, I’d most likely get one myself too.


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