KLIMS18: Are you a fan of the Honda CR-V & Jazz Mugen Concepts?

On display at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) is the Honda CR-V and Jazz Mugen concept. Two of Honda Malaysia’s segment leaders painted in a new Passion Red Pearl colour and kitted out with the full Mugen exterior accessories.

Unlike the run-out HR-V Mugen, both the CR-V and Jazz features a Mugen front grille, angular front bumper with new LED daytime running lights housing, sharper rear bumpers and a rear spoiler. On the Jazz Mugen Concept, you’ll find a set of 17-inch 10-spoke Mugen alloy wheels wrapped in 205/45 profile tyres.

Peeping into both the locked car, it appears that Honda Malaysia has left the interior untouched. But should the two Mugen concepts turn into reality, expect subtle touches to the interior such as Mugen branded floor mats and badges around the cabin.

Of all the cars on display at the Honda booth, the CR-V and Jazz Mugen concept with its deep red paint job and aggressive styling certainly stand out among its fleet of display cars. Although, we have more admiration for the Jazz, the CR-V… Not so much.


Honda CR-V Mugen Concept at KLIMS

Honda CR-V Mugen Concept at KLIMS


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