Geely plans for aggressive expansion of Lotus with RM7 billion investment

A few months ago, Geely had expressed ambitions for Lotus to someday be on the same playing field as the likes of Ferrari and Porsche. That ambition could soon be realised sooner than later.

Despite announcing that future Lotus’ could utilise shared powertrains from other Geely-owned brands like Volvo and Polestar, Geely is not about to skimp on the cash flow as it now plans to invest more than RM 7 billion to honour its ambitions.

The Evora 410 Sport featured in the Best Cars of 2017 video.

The funds will be used to acquire a larger stake in Lotus, expand its production operations and increase headcount for engineers by the hundreds – possibly the most aggressive move by Geely shortly after replacing speed freak and former CEO, Jean-Marc Gales with one of their own.

This commitment also signals that Lotus is well on its way with the introduction of an all-new SUV, reportedly due beyond the year 2020.


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