It’s been seven years since the introduction of the Aventador and since then, Lamborghini has not looked back – achieving an important milestone in its history with 8,000 units produced.

Chassis number 8,000 is an Aventador S Roadster: the model in a Grey “Grigio Telesto” colour is set for delivery to its new owner in Japan.

The Huracan Performante Spyder.

The Huracán on the other hand, after just four years of production has seen car number 11,000 rolled off the assembly line. The car in Blue Nethuns bearing the chassis number 11,000, will be destined for the Italian market.

Automobili Lamborghini’s worldwide deliveries increased by more than 10% to 2,327 cars in the first half of 2018. Global sales of the Huracán model line with coupé and Spyder as well as racecar versions, showed an increase from 1,400 to 1,604 units. The Aventador line maintained the high level of the previous period with 673 units delivered.

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