Having taken over one of the most notable names in the British sportscar game, Geely not only wants to restore Lotus to its former glory but also scale new heights by introducing brand new sportscars while penetrating the SUV game.

Working on tapping into the increasingly lucrative SUV segment, a vital exercise if Lotus wants to see any profit at all, Geely could possibly look into utilising the new Volvo XC40’s platform. The XC40 is built on the Compact Modular Architecture that’s capable of supporting high performance applications – it’s probably safe to expect the potential Lotus SUV to come with potent powertrains.

The Lotus Elise 260 Cup – the lightest, most powerful Elise to date

Aside from SUV-manufacturing aspirations, Geely’s boss had also highlighted the desire to restore the Lotus brand where it would challenge (as it were before in its heyday) the likes of Porsche and Ferrari once again.

While Lotus’ have also been a notch lower in terms of price point than the Italian and German powerhouses, they’ve never been too far in terms of driving dynamics and pleasure. A Porsche or Ferrari beater at a fraction of the asking price of say a Ferrari 488 GTB or a Porsche 911 GT3 RS could just set the Lotus brand alight again.

Source: Autocar