Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales was recently caught clocking 102 mph (164kmh) in a 70 mph (112 km/h) zone while he was test driving one of his company’s new luxury models along the A11 highway nearby its Norwich headquarters.

While most would’ve been destined for a driving ban for repeating the offence, Gales, who already had eight points deducted, managed to convince the magistrate that he could not have more points deducted so as to continue test driving new cars himself.

The Lotus Evora 410 as featured in the Autobuzz.my “Best Cars of 2017” video.

His defense lawyer, urged the court that a short ban would be a better option as opposed to the potential 6-12 month duration on the A11 highway as “it was in everyone’s interest”.

As a result, a 30-day ban was imposed on Gales rather than having more points deducted and was told by the court to test his cars at the test track instead.

Source: Telegraph UK

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