Can the new Kia 900 rival its German counterparts?

It sure looks the part, at least. Kia Motors has revealed renderings of the all-new Kia K900, known in South Korea as the Kia K9. Its balanced outline is a combination of Kia’s global design department in South Korea and its US design studio.

The design is inspired by the “Gravity of Prestige” concept which exudes luxury and poise and it’s profoundly reflected in the clean and understated lines of the car. The Kia 900, or let’s just use K9 for our own easy reference, features a new “Quadric pattern” signature grille which is the focal point of the K9’s identity. In detail, there are 176 jewel-like ‘cells’ within the grille.

But our attention, and we’re sure yours too, are drawn to the headlights. The two-tier lighting display is called the “Duplex Comet” and the same design approach is also applied to the back, which vaguely resembles the all-new Bentley Continental GT’s pair.

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Chrome is also the predominant theme of the concept design. It’s applied on the base of the doors, lower rear section and along the window frames of the K9. Chrome finishing is also applied to the tail lights and exhaust housings.

Arguably, design wise, the South Koreans have got it right. Question is, how will this new design be translated to the local Kia’s we’ll be getting? More importantly, how will it drive? Will it at least, vaguely imitate the dynamics of the Stinger GT?


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