Hyundai Mobis has developed the world’s first panoramic roof airbag system which aims to reduce injuries by preventing passengers from being thrown out of the car roof in the event of a rollover. It is the first time Hyundai Mobis has acquired such an airbag technology ahead of its competitors.

The airbag, developed by the automotive parts division of Hyundai, is installed inside the sunroof and is deployed forward from the rear of the car – resembling the curtain airbag that deploys alongside the windows. When a rollover is detected by sensors, the inflator will deploy the airbag.

The cushion is inflated by gas and will cover the entire roof surface of the vehicle in just 0.08 seconds to protect the passengers from risks of being thrown out of the panoramic roof –  as had been tested during road tests using dummies.

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Pan Eu Jin
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