Recently, a Proton dealership in Seri Kembangan made waves on social media for accepting cryptocurrency as a legal means of transaction to purchase a Proton vehicle. However, Proton Holdings (the company) has just released a statement that the company does not accept any form of cryptocurrency as legal payment methods.

The dealership posted a banner with the heading “We are now accepting payment in Bitcoin/Ethereum” which prompted netizens to question the legitimacy of the information. Proton has since suspended operations by said dealer, pending further investigation and highlighted that such transaction was independently initiated by the dealer.

One Bitcoin is equivalent to a Preve 1.6 Executive

Proton also said “PROTON is open to innovative ways of car sales to keep customer’s interest in our cars. However, we would also like to caution our sales network to exercise consideration and due care in carrying out promotion activities which are not endorsed by the Company.”

Bitcoin is the world’s largest traded cryptocurrency where one Bitcoin is traded at RM65,800 – almost the price of a brand new Preve. Ethereum is the third largest cryptocurrency, listed at RM4,800 per unit. If you come across any dealerships who accept cryptocurrency, keep in mind that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has reiterated that the central bank does not accept Bitcoin or any form of cryptocurrency as legal payment methods in Malaysia.

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