McLaren introduces Winter Wheel & Tyre package for Sport Series models

McLaren Automotive has teamed up with its tyre partner, Pirelli to develop a set of winter wheel and tyre package for McLaren Sports Series models. The winter wheel and tyre package not only allow McLaren owners to enjoy their Sport Series throughout the winter but also protect their “summer wheels” from the harsh weather.

Developed specifically for the 540C, 570S, 570GT and 570S Spider, the package consists of a set of 14-spoke lightweight forged wheels in stealth finish wrapped in Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 winter tyres. The Sottozero 3 tyres are branded with the MC (McLaren) seal of approval, designed specifically for McLaren cars to deliver optimal grip and control in adverse conditions.

Both McLaren and Pirelli advice that drivers should opt for winter tyres when ambient temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. Winter tyres generally have a unique tread pattern with high drainage levels to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning and improve braking performance in the wet. Pirelli claims that its MC Sottozero 3 could reduce the cold-weather stopping distance of a McLaren Sports Series car by 10 per cent in wet conditions and by up to 20 per cent on snowy roads.

McLaren Automotive’s Aftersales Director, Carl Whipp said, “Choosing the right type of tyre to suit seasonal weather and road conditions should be a priority for every McLaren driver wanting to enjoy their car safely all-year round.”



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