Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) once again reaffirms their lead in the premium car sector by selling approximately 5,913 cars in the first six months of 2017. Their market share currently stands at 2.2 percent.

That’s just 104 units down (6,017 cars) from the same period last year, but remember they had the W212 E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid on sale at the time. The succeeding E-Class hybrid, the fully-specced W213 E 350 e AMG Line will be introduced within the next two months and costs below RM400k thanks to CKD and EEV incentives.

As it stands, the single most popular model is the W205 C-Class, with 2,075 units collectively sold. The E-Class (now also CKD) follows closely behind with 1,358 units, whereas the S-Class at 230 units. The Compact Cars range – A-Class, CLA and GLA – sold about 739 units, the SUV range at 1,233 units and the Dream Cars range at 238 units.

MBM also recorded their best ever sales record in history, selling 1,210 cars in June 2017. That’s 7 cars more than the same month last year, by the way.

To date, MBM is represented by 31 dealerships nationwide which altogether serviced 61,850 vehicles in 1H 2017. That’s a 17 percent growth over the same period last year. At the same time, the company emerged on top of the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) After Sales charts.

As for the second half of the year, the company plans to introduce a handful more cars, including two limited edition models.

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