When McLaren Automotive rolled out its first McLaren 720S off the production line, they revealed their Track22 Business Plan to produce 15 new McLaren models by the end of 2022. Among the 15 new models, a full-electric concept car and several hybrid models have been hinted.

In its annual sales report, the company revealed its objective of producing more than 4,500 vehicles annually by 2022 with “at least 50 percent of these cars featuring hybrid powertrain technology”. McLaren’s only hybrid vehicle today would be the discontinued P1 hypercar with only 375 examples ever made. This suggests that future models may feature some form of electrification to achieve its target of 50 percent hybrid sales.

Following the discontinuation of the P1, McLaren is evaluating the feasibility of a full-electric powertrain in its next-generation hypercar. Prototype works started in 2016, shortly after the final P1 rolled off the production line.

In 2016, McLaren recorded its fourth consecutive profitable year with £7.3 million (RM40.7 million) in profit after tax compared to the £2.8 million (RM15.6 million) in 2015. Deliveries to customers have also doubled in 2016 compared to the year before – 3,286 units versus 1,654 units thanks to the introduction of a two-shift system at McLaren Production Centre (MPC).

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