Final McLaren P1 rolls off production line, the end of an era

McLaren’s iconic and technological P1 hypercar has reached its significant and final milestone. The silver and orange P1s in the pictures here are the final units of the P1 as it reaches its exclusive 375-unit run.

Here’s a quick refresher of the P1. The P1 was introduced in 2013 and inherently became a true successor of the company’s symbolic F1 supercar. The 902bhp hypercar is powered by a petrol-electric drivetrain and is capable of sprinting from 0 to 100km/h in a blistering 2.8 seconds. With a top speed of close to 350km/h, the P1 boasts an unofficially claimed Nurburgring lap-time in under 7 minutes.McLaren P1 Production Comes to an End -

The P1 is also the car that represented British engineering and pride against the Italians and the Germans in the battle of hybrid hypercars. Each P1 took 800 hours to assemble using a team of 105 passionate souls. Believe it or not, it took a staggering five days to paint one, with the vivid and bright Volcanic Yellow being the most popular. According to McLaren, Americans took the biggest slice of the P1’s customer pie chart at 34 percent, followed by Asia and Europe.

While there’s no doubt McLaren can make more P1s for the sake of profitability, McLaren retained its stand for the limited run in order to retain something money can’t buy – exclusivity. In the future, the P1 will join the ranks of F1, Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Miura and so on as ultra-rare, highly desirable cars that will surely leave you (and us, honest to God) in tears every time a unit gets totalled.



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