Toyota does it again, launches the 86 860 Special Edition with no gains at all

The Toyota 86 is five years old, and throughout its lifetime, it has always been labelled as a fun car to drive, but many claimed it lacked performance. So, does this US-only Toyota 86 860 Special Edition coupe change anything?

Sadly, no. Besides being the unfortunate beneficiary of a pointless name, the 860 represents nothing except for the number of cars built. That’s right, just 860 units of this 86 will be built, with no changes done whatsoever to the engine. The same 2.0-litre boxer engine producing 208 hp is retained.

The only thing customers get out of this purchase are “visual updates”, including the Supernova Orange and Halo White exterior colours with Scuderia-esque black stripes in the middle. The package also includes 17-inch wheels, rear wing, heated side mirrors and LED fog lights.

Inside, it receives heated leather seats, and the cabin gets two-tone black and orange finishing. There’s also dual zone climate control and a 4.2-inch screen displaying various driving data, of which include a lap timer and G-force meter.

The Toyota 86 860 Special Edition is priced at $29,155 (approximately RM130k) for the manual and $29,875 (approximately RM133k) for the automatic variant. At this rate, let’s just give up waiting for that “hot” version of the 86.



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