Ford GT Competition Series launched, weighs less and has no air-con!

The new Ford GT is undeniably one heck of a supercar. Just last month, the car won the Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona. To celebrate their remarkable feat, the Blue Oval unveiled a limited edition variant called the Ford GT Competition Series.

This track special doesn’t benefit from performance gains, but is actually lightened to improve the power to weight ratio. In place of the glass cover is a Perspex acrylic engine cover, which is supported by carbon fibre prop rods. The glass separating the cockpit and engine bay is made of Gorilla Glass. Wheels are now made entirely out of carbon fibre, screwed securely in place by titanium lugs and the entire exhaust system is now titanium.

Luxuries such as air conditioning, cup holders, infotainment system, and even storage bins are removed in pursuit of quicker lap times.

Aesthetic wise, the Ford GT Competition Series is differentiated with the use of a unique, high-gloss carbon fibre stripes, mirror caps and A-pillars. Apparently, to save more weight, some interior carbon fibre components are not even painted over!

Inside, the seats are finished with dark Alcantara with red accents. Ford is offering six exterior colours, beginning with Shadow Black, Frozen White, Ingot Silver, Liquid Blue, Liquid Grey and Triple Yellow.

Despite all that extensive weight loss programme, Ford remains mum on the total weight reduced. Well then, let’s just be reminded that the standard Ford GT packs 647 hp and weighs just 1,385kg. That’s quick enough to obliterate the McLaren 675T, so go figure.



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