Speed, when handled at the hands of the less capable, most certainly kills. A 24-year old man driving along the Athens – Lamia highway in central Greece lost control of his Porsche, fatally crashing into a vehicle that was legally parked at a rest stop.

Porsche driver Iorgos Vakakis, son of Greek millionaire and supermarket magnate Apostolos Vakakis, reportedly crashed into the Honda Civic at an obscene speed close to 200km/h. The legal speed limit was 120km/h. An intense fire immediately broke out upon impact, incinerating all but the sole passenger in the Porsche (also a 24-year old male) who was ejected from his seat and quickly succumbed to his injury.

Unfortunately, the parked vehicle wasn’t vacant. In it were a 33-year old mother and her 3-year old girl, both of whom were waiting for their husband/father who was using the restroom. The 41-year old man immediately rushed out screaming but was unable to help his family.

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Matthew H. Tong
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