Hyundai has revealed more details of its upcoming Prius rival, the Hyundai Ioniq, just before its official launch in the coming months. Right now, only the rear and interior images have been revealed after last month’s preview of the concept car.

The Ioniq will be the world’s first green car with three energy-efficient powertrains; a petrol-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid and a full electric propulsion vehicle. Now, we get to know that the Ioniq will powered by a 1.6-litre Kappa GDI petrol engine running in Atkinson-cycle.  This 104 hp and 147 Nm of torque engine will be paired to a 72 hp electric motor. A six-speed dual clutch gearbox will be used, and it will be geared for fuel efficiency rather than performance.

In charge of juicing the electric motors is a pack of lithium-ion polymer battery that’s housed underneath the rear bench of the car. This keeps the centre of gravity low, which will lend a hand at improving the car’s ride and handling. Hyundai claims that the battery’s thermal efficiency is of 40 percent, matching the current Toyota Prius. As with many other new Hyundai models, the Ioniq will use as much as 53 percent of Advanced High Strength Steel that’s both lightweight and rigid to save fuel and passengers.

To further convince you of its driving capabilities, Hyundai says the rear axle will benefit from a dual lower-arm multilink suspension as standard. Good news for the more environmental conscious enthusiasts, we suppose? Inside, the interior looks as modern as any new Hyundais get, while the use of blue highlights accentuate the air conditioning vents, central head unit housing and pipings on the leather

Hyundai has been rather sneaky with the Ioniq, dropping teaser images of the rear and interior but not the front fascia. Time will do the trick, no doubt, but the Ioniq will not be the only green car that will roll off Hyundai’s production line.


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