Ever wondered how you can rediscover the original performance that came with your car? The answer lies in keeping your engine clean. Unfortunately, one of the by-products of internal combustion is carbon deposits, and they can accumulate over time on critical engine parts, particularly fuel system.

As the efficiency of modern diesel engines relies heavily on precise amounts of fuel delivered into the combustion chambers, the performance of vehicle may be adversely impacted when carbon deposits prevent fuel system from working optimally, be it power output, exhaust emissions or overall fuel efficiency.

What’s Techron D?

Techron D is a fuel additive with powerful detergents to keep critical engine parts clean, its formulation is designed to fight deposits in an engine’s fuel intake system. During its development, the Techron D additive was tested in old and new diesel engines, and over different diesel fuel types, including bio-diesel. The key benefits of Techron D can be summarised below:

  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Restores performance
  • Enhances fuel efficiency
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Protects engine from corrosion

What makes Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D special

  • Compared to Caltex Diesel (EURO 2M), Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D contains triple the cleaning power while having less than 10mg/kg sulphur content
  • Standard lab tests* have shown that Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D is able to help generate 10% more power compared to regular diesel without additives
  • Fuel injectors are 86% cleaner when Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D is used
  • Filling up Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D is also easier at the pumps as it doesn’t produce any foam compared to regular diesel fuels in the market
  • Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D comes with corrosion inhibitors that protects the engine from rust

Cleaner engine, better performance

It’s evident that the key to restoring performance to an engine lies in the use of fuels with additives that are able to clean fuel systems and prevent carbon deposit build up. This is to facilitate optimum combustion which in turn improves power output and fuel efficiency. The Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D was specially formulated to do just that and is fully compatible with demanding high-pressure common-rail diesel engines while meeting EURO 5 emission requirements. To experience its cleaning power and get your car performing at its peak again, visit these stations with Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D.

*Tests were conducted in an ISO9001 accredited laboratory

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