UMW Toyota Motor is extending its Special Service Campaign after receiving confirmation from principal, Toyota Motor Corporation, that close to 30,000 cars are affected by the airbag inflation issue.

Models involved in the campaign are the Vios, Yaris and Altis manufactured between April 2007 to December 2008. UMW Toyota Motor will be in direct contact with those affected and will carry out the necessary corrective measures should the inflators prove to be faulty. If so, the faulty part will be replaced with a brand new unit at no cost to the owner.

AnnouncementDate Model Name Year Manufactured Front Passenger Side Airbag Inflator Driver’s side Airbag Inflator
7 July 2015 (29,985 units) Vios April 2007 –December 2008
Corolla Altis

The company also said cars manufactured after December 2008 are not affected by the campaign. Customers may call Toyota’s Toll Free Line at 1800-8-869682 for further information.

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