Honda enters Guinness World Records with 2015 Civic Tourer – 2.8L/100 km!

Honda has just etched their name into the Guinness World Records book for officially achieving the ‘Lowest Fuel Consumption’ with the 1.6-litre i-DTEC Honda Civic Tourer, averaging an incredible 2.8 litres per 100km after driving nearly 13,500 km across Europe.

The diesel powered Civic Tourer were manned by Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren, both from Honda’s European R&D team. It took them 25 daunting days to drive across 24 European countries, similar to driving from the UK to Australia.


The duo started this record-breaking road trip from Aalst, Belgium on 1 June and went around Europe in a clockwise direction before returning to the exact spot on 25 June. Under Guinness’ rules, both drivers must be in the car throughout the drive, which saw them taking turns behind the wheel, covering close to 612 km (or 380 miles) a day in the span of 7.5 hours. Every day, for 25 days.

Both McGrath and Warren managed to cover approximately 1,500 km on a full tank of fuel, and needed to refuel just nine times at a total cost of £459 (est RM2,719 at press time). They even shattered the Civic Tourer’s quoted fuel efficiency of 3.8 litres per 100km – a full litre down, or 25 percent better!


The drive was based on strict and rigorous guidelines, with Guinness stipulating the need to enter each of the 24 countries specified, collecting a range of evidence including a fuel/mileage logbook, GPS readings, video and photographs and independent witness signatures as collection of proofs. To ensure accurate monitoring of the route, journey time and distance driven, the record car was fitted with a tracking device that was provided by fleet telematics and stolen vehicle recovery expert, TRACKER.

Under the rules, the car must be in every way, a standard model in all aspects, with no modifications to create an advantage. So, fancy yourself a diesel-powered Civic, folks?



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