Proton surpasses 100,000 sales barrier in 8 months – 2,944 units of X90 sold to date

Proton delivered a total of 13,955 cars in August 2023, both in the domestic and export markets. This contributes to its YTD sales of 104,602 units, which is 19.6% or 17,121 units more than the volume it recorded in the same period of the previous year.

2023 is also Proton’s fifth consecutive year in surpassing the 100,000 units barrier, which the company has managed to surpass one month earlier than it did in 2022. Out of the 13,955 cars sold last month, there are four models that continue to lead YTD sales for their respective segments.

This includes the Proton X90, which has led both the monthly and YTD sales for the D-segment SUV category. A total of 719 units of the X90 were sold in the month of August, and since its launch in early May this year, a total of 2,944 units of the Proton X90 has been sold thus far, positioning it as the D-segment SUV leader in sales.

The brand’s B-segment SUV – the Proton X50 has also retained its title as the B-segment SUV market leader with 2,558 cars driving off Proton’s showroom floors in the month of August. Its YTD sales figure has been recorded at 22,750 cars, making it not just the best-selling SUV in its class, but also the best-selling SUV overall.

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The Proton X70 on the other hand ended the month of August with 1,002 cars sold. This places it as the third best-selling car in its segment last month and continues to its YTD sales of 7,999 cars.

One of the brand’s iconic products, and also its best-selling model yet again in August – the Proton Saga has recorded its highest monthly sales figure in 2023 at 6,585 cars. This places it as the second best-selling A-segment sedan in Malaysia for a third consecutive month.
The Saga’s YTD sales have been recorded at 45,836 units, which is an increase of 34.2% over the same period.

As for its B-segment sedan, the Proton Persona, Proton sold 2,028 units of it in August, contributing to its YTD figure of 16,561 cars, and placing it as the third best-selling B-segment sedan last month. Its YTD figure is also 72% more than the record it set in the same period last year.

The Persona’s hatchback twin, the Proton Iriz has had a resurgence in sales for the month of August, recording 654 units of it rolling off Proton’s showroom floors throughout last month. YTD sales figures for the B-segment hatchback, on the other hand, have been recorded at a total of 5,362 units, which is 50.3% ahead of the previous year.

The national carmaker’s C-segment MPV, the Proton Exora has recorded a total of 409 cars sold in August. This contributes to its YTD figure of 3,150 cars, helping it retain as the best-selling model in its segment.

Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer Roslan Abdullah is expecting the brand’s total industry volume (TUV) to exceed the record set by the company in 2022. The brand’s TIV for August has been recorded at 74,200 cars, and Proton’s market share is projected to be at 18.8% for the month of August, with a YTD market share figure of 20.8%. Proton has also mentioned that its company’s volume growth remains ahead of its TIV, which is now estimated at 12.2% for 2023.

“After setting a new volume record the previous year, Malaysia’s automotive industry is on a trajectory to reset the record books again in 2023 as Proton and other brands continue to compete for sales. The buoyant mood of buyers is reflected in the high number of new products introduced, and with many more models making their debut before the end of December, we expect market conditions to remain highly competitive”, said Roslan Abdullah.

“For Proton, our sales growth is a reflection of how the company’s focus on delivering better quality products paired to a premium experience delivered by the 154 3S/4S dealerships in our network, have a positive effect on customers. Going forward, these efforts towards better products and services will continue and be boosted by the recent announcement of Proton Test Labs receiving ISO 17025 accreditation as well as the company’s impending entry into the EV space with smart Malaysia,” said the CEO.

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