Remember the Ford Escape? It will be discontinued to make way for EVs

In Ford‘s move towards electrification, the Ford Escape will be discontinued together with 2 other Ford petrol-powered cars to make way for electric vehicles (EVs), as reported by Automotive News. The Ford Escape is a compact SUV that was previously sold in Malaysia in its first generation.

The three petrol-powered Ford models that will be discontinued are the Escape, Edge, and Transit Connect. Ford is slowly ramping up the production of its EVs and as such, the three petrol models will not be getting a new generation in the future. This axing of petrol-powered cars by the company is not new as its popular hatchback, the Fiesta has been discontinued (production ended) to make way for electric cars. Even the Ford Focus is slated to be discontinued in 2025.

2022 Ford Escape

Part of Ford’s current EV offerings include the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit. Ford is also looking to quadruple the sales of its hybrid cars, following the success of its hybrid Maverick and hybrid F-150 pickup truck.

The Ford Escape was introduced to the world back in 2001 and it also had a Mazda counterpart called the Mazda Tribute. Its second generation debuted in 2008, its third generation debuted in 2013, and its fourth generation debuted in 2020. The first generation was the only one that was officially sold in Malaysia. The Ford Escape has been around for more than 20 years, but it will now be discontinued to make way for the brand’s fully electric models.

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2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

In Malaysia, there are currently only two Ford models officially sold, namely the Ford Ranger (and its iterations) and the Ford Everest.


  1. I saw a friend’s repair bill for almost $26, 481 for a vehicle that had 70,000 miles on it to replace the batteries will not have an electric vehicle I live out in the country I’ve had Fords all of my life. If they’re not going to make the 2024 I was thinking of getting a new vehicle because I’ve had my 2013 for 10 years.. I talked to Ford and they said they don’t have any information like about this


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