Production of the Ford Fiesta has ended – Bids farewell after 47 years

The Ford Fiesta finally bids farewell to us all as its production finally ended on July 7, 2023. The departure comes after 47 years of the little Ford hatchback. Autocar reports that the final two Fiestas will remain with the company – one to join the international heritage fleet and the other to join the UK heritage fleet.

The news isn’t exactly a surprise as last year Ford has actually revealed that it will no longer produce the Ford Fiest by mid this year. We have now finally reached the prophesized date which was necessary to make way for more space in the Cologne factory to make way for electric vehicles by the company.

Ford Model E Europe general manager, Martin Sander said, “We decided to build our first high-volume electric vehicle here in Cologne. There comes the point where we need the space for construction, because we are turning the Fiesta plant into a fully battery-electric plant. This is why we had to make a decision that we have to stop Fiesta production.”

The Ford Fiesta is a compact hatchback smaller than the Ford Focus and was previously even sold in the Malaysian market. In its most economical form, the Fiesta was even made available with a 1.0-litre turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine. Ford’s Malaysian line-up currently only consists of the Ranger and Everest.

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The company expects to sell 600,000 EVs annually by 2026 under its Ford Model E division, which operates separately from its ICE car and commercial vehicle divisions (Ford Blue and Ford Pro, respectively).

After close to half a century, the Ford Fiesta finally bids farewell to us all, having cemented its place in the hearts of some enthusiasts. Following the cease of production of the Ford Fiesta, Ford has also announced that it will axe the Ford Focus in 2025.

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