Lamborghini previews its electric future with the Lanzador concept, boasting over 1 megawatt of power

Lamborghini has an ambitious electrification plan (for a small volume supercar maker, that is), as it aims to unveil its first-ever fully electric model before 2030. Ahead of that, though, the Italian marque is now giving us a first taste of what its future holds, with the unveiling of the Lamborghini Lanzador concept at Monterey Car Week – a preview to the marque’s first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV) that’s coming in 2028.

The Lanzador is billed as an ‘Ultra GT’, which in Lamborghini speak, seems to mean a two-door coupe with a bit of an identity crisis. The long bodywork looks like it could perhaps do with two extra doors, and the raised ride height and massive wheels just seem a little out of place next to the aggressive sloping roofline.

Still, it does at least look like a Lamborghini, borrowing many of its stylistic elements from its various forebearers, including the body surfacing from the Sesto Elemento, and Murciélago, and the slim exterior lighting from the recently-reborn Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4.

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Lamborghini says that the design of the Lanzador concept was inspired by spaceships, which can also be seen on the inside, highlighted by the minimalist dashboard and high centre console to give the front occupants two separate cockpits. The flip-up cover for the push start button is a carry-over from its combustion-engined cars, and serves absolutely no purpose aside for theatre – but it does at least fit the whole space-ship-fighter-jet concept of the EV.

Details are still scarce because the Lamborghini Lanzador is still a concept at the moment, no matter how production-ready it looks. But we do at least know that the cabin is made almost entirely out of sustainable materials like 3D-printed seat foams using recycled plastic and “sustainably tanned leather”, and there’s also going to be a tonne of space at the back thanks to the foldable rear seats, plus even a ‘frunk’ to fit the Lanzador’s own purpose-made bags.

Of course, the headline here is the Lanzador’s electric powertrain. Again, details are minimal at this point, but Lamborghini does reveal that it’ll have one motor on each axle for a permanent all-wheel drive set-up, and will boast a total system output of “over one megawatt”, or nearly 1,400 hp. The powerful motors are fed by a “new generation high-performance battery”, which the company says “ensures a long range”.

The all-wheel drive system will come with an active e-torque vectoring system on the rear axle for “particularly dynamic cornering behaviour”, and there’ll also be rear-wheel steering, active aero, and self-levelling air-suspension to not only enhance performance, but also make the Lanzador a “Lamborghini that customers can enjoy every day”.

All of these will be governed by the new Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI) vehicle dynamics controller, with even more sensors and actuators than before to fine tune the car’s driving behaviour to a much more precise degree.

We’ll have to wait until 2028 to learn more about the Lanzador, but it’s good to see that Lamborghini is still doing what it does best, even in the face of electrification. Before that, Lamborghini will also be unveiling the electrified Urus and Huracan by the end of 2024, so that’s at least something to keep us occupied.

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