Video: What if you don’t need car coverage?

If you didn’t know it, car coverage is mandatory for you to drive your car on public roads in Malaysia. At the very least, third-party coverage is required to protect other road users on the road should you ever be involved in an accident. But have you ever imagined what life would be like if car coverage were not mandatory?

Let us do the imagining for you with this video right here:

Car coverage gives you peace of mind since if you were to be involved in an accident, you wouldn’t have to fork out your own money to compensate for the damages. Without it, we’d probably go to extreme lengths to protect our cars from the smallest of damages (as depicted in the video). We’d also be doing a lot of other ridiculous things and you’d have to watch out video for that.

Thankfully, that is not the reality that we live in as it is mandatory by law for all vehicle owners to have motor coverage to allow their cars to be driven on public roads. One motor coverage that you can subscribe to is MotorTakaful by Etiqa, which provides a 10% rebate should you do the renewal yourself online at MotorTakaful also provides cashback at the end of your policy and further savings with the Drive Less Save More Programme.

Just to recap, you can opt for third-party-only coverage or comprehensive coverage when choosing the protection plan for your car. There are also additional coverage options such as fire & theft protection, flood coverage, and even windscreen coverage. You can read more about the types of car coverages offered here.

And if you’re already well protected with a car coverage plan, here’s an essential guide on the Do’s and Don’ts after being involved in a car accident.


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