Tesla Model 3 prices slashed again in Thailand – up to 11% cheaper than launch pricing

The Tesla Model 3 has received yet another price cut in Thailand, with a reduction of as much as THB250,000 (approx. RM33k) depending on variant. As reported by Autolife Thailand, this is already the third of such price adjustments for the Tesla Model 3 in Thailand – the previous two happening just in the months prior.

With the new reduced pricing, the Tesla Model 3 now starts at THB1,659,000 (approx. RM218k, down THB100,000 from launch pricing) for the base rear-wheel drive variant, moving up to THB1,879,000 (approx. RM247k, down THB120,000) for the Long Range AWD, and THB2,059,000 (approx. RM271k, down THB250,000) for the Performance.

The price cuts in Thailand are in line with Tesla’s overall global strategy, where it aims to bring down prices in order to drive demand – or so the company says. Similar pricing adjustments have been made in many of Tesla’s markets globally, including multiple reductions in the US, Japan, and China – the latter also in part due to an ongoing price war with BYD.

Despite the price cuts for the Tesla Model 3 in Thailand, the Model Y’s prices remained unchanged since its launch back in December last year, ranging from THB1,959,000 (approx RM256k) for the RWD base variant, up to THB2,509,000 (approx. RM328k) for the Model Y Performance AWD. Both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are fully imported from China.

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The Tesla Model Y receiving a warm welcome in Malaysia

The Tesla Model Y has just been launched here in Malaysia last month, and is offered similarly in three variants:

  • Model Y RWD – RM199,000
  • Model Y Long Range AWD – RM246,000
  • Model Y Performance AWD – RM288,000

Following the introduction of the electric crossover, Tesla will also be unveiling the Model 3 in Malaysia very soon. If global prices are anything to go by, the Tesla Model 3 could become an even more attractive package here in Malaysia, significantly undercutting many of its rivals.

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