BMW Malaysia and Gentari sign MoU for EV charging solutions and more

BMW Group Malaysia and Gentari have signed an MoU for future collaboration on green mobility and renewable energy. Currently, both companies are working together to explore potential collaboration in areas such as:

  • Installation of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure at various facilities
  • Various EV fleet solutions in the Malaysia market
  • Value-added services for BMW EV owners including EV charging subscription plans
  • Electric forecourts
  • Portable charging and mobile charging services
  • Deployment of joint renewable energy infrastructure

Gentari is Petronas’s clean energy subsidiary which has deployed a network of chargers in Malaysia with more than 150 chargers at the time of writing. BMW Group Malaysia is not the first to collaborate with Gentari as the company has also begun collaboration with Pro-Net (Proton’s new energy vehicle subsidiary) and Lotus Cars Malaysia. The collaborations mainly concern the deployment of EV chargers in Malaysia.

Gentari Deputy CEO and Green. Mobility Sdn Bhd CEO, Shah Yang Razali said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with a prestigious automotive brand like BMW to expand the accessibility of green mobility services and solutions in Malaysia. Additionally, Gentari’s capabilities in renewable energy will also help to establish a more comprehensive green electron value chain and together, we can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.”

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BMW Group Malaysia Managing Director, Hans De Visser said, “As the leading premium automaker offering the largest portfolio of Electric Vehicles in Malaysia, we at BMW Group Malaysia are pleased to collaborate with Gentari to develop more mobility solutions, services as well as infrastructure to drive more Clean and Responsible technology and practices for the automotive industry here. I can already envision this partnership shaping the future mobility landscape of Malaysia, offering more solutions created through the means of sustainable development and circularity.”

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