Next-gen MINI EV models to get MINI OS 9, AirConsole gaming, Digitial Key Plus

Just over two months ago, MINI teased its new round OLED screen that will be featured in its upcoming range of all-electric (EV) models, among other design details. And now, the carmaker has revealed to us some software details and features that will be available with the round display.

First up, the round OLED display, dubbed as the MINI Interaction Unit will be running on the brand’s latest MINI Operating System 9, which will bring a new user interface design that is optimised for touch control. Developed in-house by the BMW Group, the MINI OS 9 is the first version of the operating system to be based on an Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Designed to be simple and easy to navigate, the MINI OS 9 features a start menu at the centre of the screen. The lower section of the screen houses a fixed status bar which contains menu items such as “Navigation”, “Media”, “Telephony”, and “All Apps”.

Swiping up from the bottom of the screen will reveal a tool belt, which is where users can store their favourite functions for easy access. The screen’s upper area, on the other hand, is reserved for driving relevant content. This includes vehicle speed and important vehicle status information. Customers can opt for an optional head-up display which can also display certain important information, without the need to take their eyes off the road.

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Built upon BMW’s latest tech stack, the MINI OS 9 will come together with the new MINI Experience Modes, which contains a total of eight of them. Each mode will have its own blend of colour, sound, and user interface design combinations to provide what BMW Group describes as “a particularly immersing driving experience”.

There is also an optional light projector located behind the MINI interaction Unit which will match the ambient lighting system with the Experience Mode selected. The content presented on the optional head-up display will adapt accordingly to the selected Experience Mode too.

Just in case you’re worried about the quiet EV life being too quiet, MINI’s got you covered as it is packaging its next-gen models with new EV sounds and jingles. If you have been missing the classic huge round speedometer featured in older MINI models, the MINI Interaction Unit can also be transformed into the typical MINI-style speedometer under certain Experience Modes.

The upcoming EV MINI models will be fitted with the new MINI Connected Store, giving customers access to apps such as Spotify and the AirConsole gaming platform, similar to the one debuted in recent BMW models.

Thus far, it is clear enough that the MINI Interaction Unit is stuffed with a myriad of features. However, that’s not all. MINI will be debuting its MINI Interactive Unit with its new cloud-based MINI Navigation system, alongside its brand-new MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant, which is capable of recognising who is speaking to it. Like prior MINI models, the upcoming EV MINI models will continue to come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

Also available with BMW models, the new EV MINI models will be fitted with the optional MINI Digital Key Plus feature. It provides digital vehicle access to customers with compatible Apple, Google, and Samsung devices, allowing them to unlock their cars without having to take their phones out of their pockets.

MINI head of brand, Stefanie Wurst said, “We are taking a massive leap into the digital world with the new MINI family and, in so doing, underscoring the charismatic heritage of the brand. The iconic central display in the new MINI family is round and will be filled with round content for the first time. I am convinced that the digital power of the new models will delight MINI customers around the world.”

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