New Motul 8100 Power engine oil in Malaysia – longer drain intervals, for modern engines

Motul has launched the new 8100 Power engine oil in Malaysia, a 100% synthetic Ester engine oil catering to everyday, mass-produced vehicles and those with high-performance engines. The 8100 Power engine oil is available in 0W20, 5W30, 5W40 and 5W50 viscosities.

With the Motul 300V engine oil as the company’s flagship product catered to high-performance cars and the 8100 engine oil catered to everyday vehicles, the new 8100 Power sits between the 300V and 8100 to offer the best of both worlds. 

It combines both the qualities of the 300V and 8100 engine oils; offering protection against engine wear, better thermal protection, stable oil pressure, longer service intervals (compared to 300V) and is compatible with new vehicles with after-treatment systems. After-treatment systems essentially filter harmful exhaust gases before it’s released into the atmosphere.

The 8100 Power is also formulated with the latest API SP formulation developed for modern engines whether naturally-aspirated or turbocharged. It helps to prevent low speed pre-ignition – a situation where fuel is not properly ignited – for more efficient fuel combustion in the engine. Low speed pre-ignition is said to be particularly common in small-displacement, turbocharged engines.

Made with Ester technology, the 8100 Power also ensures smoother engine operation, protection for the engine’s internal components and reduced engine vibrations. With longer drain intervals, the 8100 Power is able to comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended drain intervals.

Other benefits of the Motul 8100 Power include reduced friction between the engine’s internal components, reduced engine noise and quicker oil pressure build-up. While on the move, the engine should also feel lighter and less strained.

According to the company, the Motul 8100 Power is suited for vehicles such as the Honda CR-V, Suzuki Swift, Subaru BRZ, Honda Civic Turbo, Toyota GT86, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic Type R, to name a few.

“We are proud of our latest product that is not only about performance but also for protection. Modern car users will find the 8100 Power to be long lasting and requiring less oil change,” said Ravi Shankar, Country Manager, Motul Malaysia.



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