Get 10% rebate and cashback with your car coverage – Introducing MotorTakaful by Etiqa

*Terms and conditions apply

Just like your birthday, the road tax and insurance renewal of your car is an annual occurrence, albeit something you don’t really look forward to. Displaying your road tax sticker is now no longer mandatory, but the renewal of both the road tax and insurance carries on as usual. Among the many motor coverage options, you may have heard of MotorTakaful by Etiqa.

First things first, let’s address the differences between conventional insurance and takaful. The main difference is the type of agreement/contract where conventional insurance is you purchasing ‘security’ while takaful is you as a participant agreeing to donate (Tabarru’) to an emergency fund, pooling resources with other donators in case of an emergency.

The funds pooled are also invested in compliance with Shariah. Takaful also does not involve riba’ (interest). MotorTakaful by Etiqa applies the Wakalah concept whereby the participants appoint Takaful Operator (Etiqa General Takaful Berhad) to act on their behalf to invest and manage the general takaful fund. For managing the general takaful fund, Takaful Operator is entitled to receive a Wakalah fee.

Apart from that, takaful participants are also entitled to receive a surplus arising from the general takaful fund (if any) provided their certificates have not terminated and they have not made any claims within the financial year. A simplified explanation is that takaful is Shariah compliant while conventional insurance is not.

What is MotorTakaful by Etiqa?

So, what is MotorTakaful by Etiqa? It is a vehicle takaful program that covers liabilities to other parties for injury or death, damage to other parties’ property, and accidental damage, fire damage, or theft of your vehicle.

Benefits of renewing with MotorTakaful by Etiqa

Some benefits that you get by renewing your takaful certificate with MotorTakaful by Etiqa include:

• 10% rebate when renewing
• Surplus Sharing cashback at the end of the takaful period*
• Convenience – online renewal
• Etiqa “Smiles” App
• Drive Less Save More program
• Cashback for no claims
• 0% interest instalment (for Maybank credit cards)

*Terms and conditions apply

MotorTakaful by Etiqa also has a rewards program for safe driving where you receive cashback if no claims were made, and 24-hour roadside assistance where you can enjoy unlimited mileage if you subscribe to the Driver and Passengers Personal Accident (DPPA). Managed by an award-winning claims team, MotorTakaful serves over 1.5 million customers.

Types of MotorTakaful coverage

There are three types of coverage under MotorTakaful, namely “Third-party only”, “Third-party, fire, and theft”, and “comprehensive”.

“Third-party only” coverage, as its name suggests, only covers liabilities to third parties which include:

• Death or bodily injury to any person except those specifically excluded under the takaful certificate.
• Damage to property, except those specifically excluded under the takaful certificate.

Meanwhile, “Third-party, fire, and theft” coverage adds the following on top of “Third party only” coverage:

• Fire, explosion, or lightning damage
• Burglary, housebreaking, or theft
• Towing costs

And being the most complete form of coverage, the “Comprehensive” coverage adds on:

• Accidental collision or overturning
• Collision or overturning caused by mechanical breakdown.
• Collision or overturning caused by wear and tear.
• Impact damage caused by falling objects (subject to certain exclusions)
• Breakage of windscreen, windows, or sunroof including lamination/tinting film
• Malicious act
• Coverage while in transit (limited coverage)

Etiqa Smile app

If you are already participating in MotorTakaful by Etiqa, you can renew your yearly MotorTakaful coverage through the Etiqa Smile app by clicking the ‘Renew’ button that appears 2 months prior to the date of expiration of your current certificate. Through the Smile app, you can also activate the “Drive Less Save More” program where you can get:

  • 30% cash rebate per year if you drive from 0-14 km per day
  • 20% cash rebate per year if you drive 15-28 km per day
  • 10% cash rebate per year if you drive 29-42 km per day

Through the Smile app, you can also view other coverage programs provided by Etiqa that you are subscribed to. If you’re looking to renew your car coverage anytime soon, remember that you can get a 10% cash rebate when you renew with MotorTakaful by Etiqa. Just visit


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