Video: What to DO / NOT DO after a car accident?

Car accidents happen to all of us, no matter how experienced we are as drivers. It is just a hazard that we have to expect when we’re on the road. Thankfully we’re mostly covered by our car coverage providers for damages, so there is a bit less to worry about. That aside, what should one do in the event of an accident? ‘Settle’ with the other person or lodge a police report? Allow us to guide you through what you should and should not do in the event of a car accident.

All road users will need to have car/vehicle coverage, and in the event of an accident, coverage claims can be made. One provider of car coverage is by Etiqa which provides a 10% cash rebate upon renewal, cashback, and more if you renew online. To be able to make your claims, you will need proper documentation and we suggest you follow the steps outlined in the video below.

Basic things to remember NOT TO DO include to not panicking, not playing the blame game, and not accepting any form of “settlement” with the other party. It is easy to get emotional in the moment especially if this is your first time being involved in a car accident. As for what TO DO, exchange details with the other party and get as much photo evidence as you can (including skid marks that show signs of braking). Of course, having a dashcam would help even more.

To sum it up, what is most important is that you stay calm in the event of a car accident. The safety of those involved and yourself is more valuable than the vehicles involved. Move your vehicles to a safe location (if possible) to avoid holding up traffic and make sure that a police report is lodged as it will be crucial for your coverage claims later on. Remember to stay safe on the road.

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