Video: How to renew your car insurance online?

There’s no need for you to display your road tax anymore, thanks to the efforts made by the Ministry of Transport. The road tax for your vehicle, however, is still compulsory, and it requires you to have a car coverage/insurance policy to go with it. Once a year, we all scramble to get our car coverage renewed. But did you know that through, all of this can be done online?

While some of us may still prefer to use the services of agents to get our car coverage renewed, MotorTakaful by Etiqa provides us with an instant 10% cash rebate upon renewal, provided the renewal is done online via Now that’s a great incentive to do it online isn’t it? How do you renew your car insurance online through Here’s a video to explain just that.

It is important to note that the renewal through can only be done when you car coverage is about to expire in two months’ time or less. You’ll simply need to fill in your car’s registration number, your identification number, and your postcode and you should be able to find your car’s details through the database.

Once you’ve got your car verified in the system, it is time for you to check what add-on coverage you would like to subscribe to as well. Things like windscreen protection, special perils coverage, fire & theft protection, and personal accident plans are just a few to name. Special perils protection is quite important considering how uncertain the weather can be these days.

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To give you a clearer idea of how to renew your car insurance online, well, allow us to suggest that you watch the explanation video embedded in this article. With the provided visuals, it is much easier to understand. Once you’ve fully decided on your coverage add-ons, it is time for you to check out and make a payment. Once that is settled, you are good to go to renew your road tax, which can also be done online.

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