No need to display road tax anymore for private vehicles starting today

Your days of struggling with the flimsy road tax stickers are over, as Transport Minister Anthony Loke has just announced that starting today, private vehicle owners no longer have to display the ‘road tax’ on their vehicles.

From this joyous day onward, Malaysian private vehicle owners only need to show their vehicle license (e-LKM) and driving license details (e-LMM) from the MyJPJ app if required. The transport minister has encouraged the public to make their registrations on the JPJ portal here.

Screenshots from the MyJPJ mobile application showing the road tax and the driver’s license

During a press conference today, Anthony Loke said, “I welcome all drivers and vehicle owners to transition to the digital platform. With this, the congestion and long lines at JPJ counters will be reduced.”

The news comes as Section 20 of the Road Transport Act will no longer be enforced. Previously it was a must for motor vehicles to have the vehicle license fixed and displayed on the vehicle itself.

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In the bigger picture, the transport ministry is making an effort to digitize the road transport department’s services, particularly for motor vehicle licenses and driving licenses. It is essentially a step forward from the digitalization that took place when the previous vehicle grant was transformed into the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC).

The digital transformation of the ‘road tax’ will take place in stages, first starting with private vehicles which include cars and motorcycles. Digitalization will not yet happen for foreigners, holders of learners and vocational licenses, as well as international driving permits. For these purposes, a physical license will still be required. They will perhaps be digitalized in the next few stages of the transport ministry’s efforts.

Anthony Loke adds, “Lastly, I want to stress that action will continue to be taken against anyone found driving a vehicle without a valid motor vehicle or driving license, in line with the Road Transport Act.”

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