JPJ introduces Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) to combat cloned cars

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced that by June this year, the Vehicle Ownership Card (VOC) will be replacing the all-familiar Vehicle Registration Certificate, or more commonly known as geran or grant among Malaysians.

The newly introduced VOC will obtain all necessary vehicle and owner information. Unlike the past where any record of road tax renewal is written in the vehicle registration cert, VOC will not obtain such records as it’ll be recorded via JPJ’s computerised system. Similarly, there’s no need to travel to the nearest JPJ branch for vehicle ownership transfer, as it can be done online.VOC

The gist behind this is to combat the ongoing “cloning” of cars, involving cars illegally brought in from Singapore to be sold here Malaysia. These cars go for dirt cheap and come with duplicate registrations. To enforce this, JPJ has outlined three phases for the implementation of VOC, hoping that by 2020, all cars in Malaysia will be utilising the VOC.

Phase 1: Staring 1 of June 2016, all newly registered vehicles will receive VOC.

Phase 2: Starting 1 September 2016, owners who renew their road tax or transfer vehicle ownership will receive VOC.

Phase 3: By early 2017, vehicle owners can visit any preferred JPJ offices to obtain their VOCs.




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