Volvo C40 and XC40 update: RWD, over 500km range, 200kW charging

Volvo has just announced an update for both the XC40 and C40, introducing a revised powertrain to the small crossover. This includes a new RWD drivetrain, a bigger battery pack (for the AWD variant), and faster DC fast charging (DCFC).

Malaysia only gets the all-wheel drive (AWD) variant of the XC40 and C40, so let us first address this. The total power output of 300 kW (408 hp) remains the same, although the dual motor setup is now rear-biased. While the current version consists of two 150 kW (204 hp) motors, the update consists of a rear electric motor that makes 183 kW (249 hp) and a smaller front electric motor that makes 117 kW (159 hp).

Updated Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric

Performance remains largely the same for both cars as the C40 and XC40 both retain the same 0-100 km/h acceleration times. The C40 retains its 4.7-second time and the XC40 retains its 4.9-second acceleration time.

Besides the electric motors, the update gives both the AWD versions of the Volvo C40 and XC40 a bigger 82-kWh battery pack from the current 78-kWH battery pack. The bigger battery and the new motor setup boosts the C40’s electric range to 510 km from 451 km and the XC40’s range to 500 km from 438 km (all range are based on the WLTP test cycle).

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Updated Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

As for charging, the update enables the twin motor C40 and XC40 to handle 200-kW DC fast charging, which is a higher rate than the current 150-kW DCFC. Charging time from 10% to 80% is approximately 28 minutes with the bigger battery pack.

While Malaysia has never received it, both the C40 and XC40 are also available in single-motor front-wheel drive (FWD) variants in other markets. The new update changes the powertrain drastically as the single-motor versions will now be rear-wheel drive (RWD).

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Update Volvo Xc40 Recharge Pure Electric

For the single motor C40 and XC40, the battery size remains the same at 69 kWh, but enhancements in cooling efficiency boost the electric range (WLTP) to 476 km from 438 km for the C40 and 460 km from 425 km for the XC40. The single motor gets a 3% power increase to 175 kW (238 hp) from 170 kW (231 hp).

The current versions of the C40 and XC40 are now dubbed as the outgoing model and according to a previous report from Autocar, production of the updated version will begin in May 2023. The updated version of the C40 and XC40 were already made available to order in December 2022 for the European market.

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In Malaysia, both the C40 and XC40 are available as single variants only. The C40 is available as the twin-motor Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Ultimate which costs RM288,888 and the XC40 is available as the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric Ultimate which costs RM278,888.

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