Volkswagen ID.7 debuts in camouflage, EV luxury sedan with 700km range

The sixth ‘ID’ all-electric car by Volkswagen is here, and it is the Volkswagen ID.7. Still hidden in a brightly-coloured ‘digital camouflage’ for now, the ID.7 is premiering at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January.

Built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, the ID.7 is the second MEB-platform global car after the ID.4. With the ID.7, Volkswagen is expanding its ‘ID.’ family into the “upper middle class of the high-volume segment”. The ID.7 has a wheelbase of 2.97 metres, making it the size of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or a BMW 5 Series.

As for range, Volkswagen says that the ID.7 will have 700 km of all-electric range on the WLTP test cycle. No information on the battery and electric drive system has been revealed by the company, but an official image hints at a rear-wheel-drive (RWD system)

Tech innovations/highlights on the Volkswagen ID.7 include:

  • The new display concept
  • The augmented reality head-up display
  • A 15-inch screen
  • New air conditioning controls integrated into the first level of the infotainment system
  • Illuminated touch slider

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The steering wheel still seems to have the capacitive controls

The floating screen on the centre of the dashboard is now much larger than what you would see on the Volkswagen ID.4. The official images also show the new digital instrument cluster which is no longer sitting on the steering column.

With the new air conditioning system, the ID.7 can detect when the driver is approaching based on their key and will already start to cool or heat the interior (based on the weather) before the driver gets into the vehicle. Newly designed “Smart Air Vents” control the flow of air and move dynamically to distribute the air over large areas as quickly as possible.

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The ‘digital camouflage’ of the premiere unit of the Volkswagen ID.7 features a digital design with unique paintwork, which lights up the ID.7 interactively. 40 layers of paint have been applied, of which some are conductive while others have insulating properties.

A total of 22 areas of the vehicle can be controlled separately and are electrified below the top layer of paint (electroluminescence) so that they light up. If all this is connected to a sound system, the rhythm is visualized by illumination of individual areas.

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