Volkswagen Golf to live on in EV era – ‘ID. Golf’ name possible, GTI & R to live on too

With Volkswagen’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup carrying the ‘ID’ moniker followed by numbers (e.g., ID.4, ID.5), one might assume that the Volkswagen Golf will finally be axed, and that the ‘Golf’ name will be replaced with the ID.3. Golf fans can now rejoice, as the German brand plans to continue using its “iconic” model name even throughout the EV era.

Speaking to Autocar at the LA motor show, Volkswagen Chief Operating Officer (COO), Thomas Schäfer said, “We have iconic brand names, Golf and GTI. It would be crazy to let them die and slip away. We will stick with the ID logic but iconic models will carry a name.” Stressing on the brand’s firm decision, he adds, “We would not let go of the Golf name, no way.” To that end, VW “might have an ID Golf”.

The Golf GTI Clubsport S “record” with 7 GTI generations at the 2016 Wörthersee GTI gathering

In a separate report by the publication, Schäfer also said that the ‘GTI’ and ‘R’ badges will also live on although the newly-coined ‘GTX’ moniker may not. He said, “GTX as an idea is en route for EVs. If in the future we’ll need it, we’ll see. We might not need it. But GTI and R, yes. With a strong brand, you need to spend less getting it out there.”

On the fate of the ‘GTI’, Schäfer said, “GTI with Golf was always legendary. We will carry on. We need substance to it, with performance. We’re working on a performance model with EV to carry GTI forward.” On the ‘R’, he said that it will remain an “all-paw” performance flagship, hinting at the ‘R’ being all-wheel drive (AWD) and the ‘GTI’ being two-wheel drive (2WD).

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So far, both ‘GTI’ and ‘R’ badges have not been used on EV Volkswagen models as the new ‘GTX’ badge has been used. As for the Golf’s EV future, ‘ID. Golf’ doesn’t sound too far-fetched as a possible name. Volkswagen has already named its EV van the ‘ID. Buzz’ and shown that the ‘ID’ moniker doesn’t necessarily have to be followed by a number.

Regarding the EV ID.3 being a replacement for the Golf, the Volkswagen COO said, “The ID.3 has never been a successor to the Golf, it is more a Golf Plus.”

In Malaysia, PHS Automotive, or Volkswagen Malaysia, has previewed the EV Volkswagen ID.4 during Volkswagen Fest 2022. Boasting 520 km of range (WLTP) from a 77-kWH battery pack, the ID.4 will be a good new contender in the Malaysian EV market.

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