11% of Honda HR-V buyers in Malaysia opted for the hybrid e:HEV RS variant

At the launch of the Hybrid Honda Civic e:HEV RS today, Honda Malaysia Managing Director and CEO, Hironobu Yoshimura revealed that 11% of buyers of the Honda HR-V have opted for the range-topping hybrid e:HEV RS variant thus far.

While specific numbers weren’t shared, the company previously announced that it has received over 20,000 bookings at launch back in July, where 20% of those bookings were for the e:HEV RS. The company also previously stated that it expects the hybrid variant to account for 15% of all orders over its lifetime.

The HR-V is just one of the four models in Honda Malaysia’s local model line-up to be offered with a hybrid variant. The e:HEV powertrain was first introduced on the Honda City in 2020, followed by the City Hatchback in 2021, and the HR-V and Civic e:HEV RS this year.

The hybrid e:HEV RS variants for Honda City and City Hatchback, meanwhile, weren’t met with as much enthusiasm here in Malaysia, accounting for only 5% and 8% of the respective models’ total sales for the first 10 months of this year. We suspect it could be due to the e:HEV RS variants’ relatively high asking price, in a segment that’s known to be price-sensitive.

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The Honda Civic e:HEV RS, unveiled today, is Honda Malaysia’s latest addition to its electrified line-up, powered by a new e:HEV hybrid powertrain consisting of a 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated direct injection engine and two electric motors, making a total of 184 hp and 315 Nm. The new hybrid Honda Civic is priced at RM166,500.

The City, City Hatchback, and HR-V meanwhile use a smaller 1.5-litre e:HEV hybrid powertrain, making 108 hp and 253 Nm of torque on the two City models, while the HR-V gets a higher-tuned version rated for 131 hp.

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