EVs only 0.5% of Volvo sales in China last month, Europe leads with 28%

Volvo Cars reported a global sales figure of 54,317 cars in October 2022, with electric vehicles (EVs) accounting for 15% of the total figure. Compared to the same month last year, Volvo Cars reports a 6.9% increase. From January to October 2022, Volvo Cars successfully sold 483,304 cars globally.

In October alone, 22,040 cars were sold in Europe, 15,048 cars were sold in China, 9,478 cars were sold in the US, and the remaining 7,761 cars were sold in other regions.

Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

A quarter of the global October sales was contributed by Volvo’s electrified Recharge models, comprising both plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and EVs with 11,849 units and 8,148 units respectively.

The sales of EVs by Volvo more than doubled in October 2022 over the same month last year. In October, Volvo EVs contributed to 28% of sales in Europe, 0.5% of sales in China, and 8.8% of sales in the US. Globally, EVs contributed to 15% (8,148 units) of sales.

PHEVs contributed to 37% of sales in Europe, 6% of sales in China, and 18% of sales in the US. 11,849 PHEVs were sold worldwide, contributing to 22% of October sales.

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Volvo XC60 Recharge PHEV

As for year-to-date figures, the global sales number for 2022 is 16.9% lower (483,304 units) than in 2021 which saw 581,464 cars sold from January to October. However, Volvo EVs still show a positive 121.8% growth in terms of year-to-date figures with 40,517 units sold from January to October 2022. Volvo’s electrified Recharge models saw a 0.3% increase in terms of global year-to-date sales figures.

Leading the Volvo Cars year-to-date sales chart is the European market with 188,046 cars sold. This is followed by China with 132,792 units and the US with 81,694 units.

Volvo Cars’ top-selling model for October 2022 was the XC60 with sales of 17,531 cars (2021: 15,399 units), followed by the XC40 at 14,883 cars (2021: 13,987) and the XC90 at 7,651 cars (2021: 8,639 units).

Volvo Cars October 2022 Sales:


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