Even Bugatti is now offering certified pre-owned cars

It seems that even the ultra-rich can’t escape the bad economy. First it was Ferrari and Lamborghini, but now, even Bugatti is also launching their own certified pre-owned programme.

Designed to take the stress out of buying used Veyrons and Chirons, the new Bugatti Certified Programme ensures that the pre-owned cars are still up to the same “incomparable quality expected of the Bugatti ‘Macaron'”.

That means that the cars sold under the programme are all quality checked at an authorised Bugatti Service Partner outlet, and only fitted with genuine Bugatti replacement parts.

But more importantly, the cars sold under Bugatti’s Certified Programme will also come with a one-year limited warranty. The warranty for the Chiron is “just as comprehensive as the original warranty provided for new Bugatti models”, covering all parts and labour for mechanical, electrical, corrosion, and paintwork issues.

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It’s a little less generous with the Veyron, however, with Bugatti only offering warranty coverage for mechanical and electrical items; parts and labour are still included, and the parts themselves also come with a separate two-year warranty that covers replacement and labour.

The warranty on these cars can still be applied worldwide, so if for some reason you bought a car in the Middle East but eventually decide to drive it in Europe, it will still be covered by all European Bugatti Service Partners. And as an added bonus, all Certified Pre-Owned cars also come with a free annual service included for the first year of ownership.

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Bugatti Automobiles Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Hendrik Malinowski said: “The Veyron and Chiron are true automotive icons, hyper sports cars that set breathtaking new standards. Our new Certified Pre-Owned program means that those who want to savor the incomparable excellence of the Veyron and Chiron by opting for previously enjoyed examples, can now benefit from the exemplary customer service and unique attention to detail that only authorized Bugatti Service Partners are able to offer.”



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