Naza Italia brings the Universo Ferrari experience to PJ using unique VR tech

Although Covid-19 might have put a damper on travelling overseas, the raging passion for bright red Ferrari supercars never stops. In light of that, Naza Italia has brought the Maranello experience down to the Ferrari Malaysia showroom in PJ over the weekend for its clients and prospective customers, thanks to the use of innovative VR and AR technology.

The “little Maranello” tour is split into six different zones as the guests were led along on a journey by a member of the Ferrari Malaysia team to explore every aspect of the Ferrari brand, starting from the marque’s racing DNA represented by a close-up view of the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo race car.

Guests were also given the chance to check out the Ferrari personalisation services at the Atelier, where they get to have a taste of what it feels like to customise their own Ferrari by browsing through the myriad of options available to see and feel.

However, the most interesting part of the tour is definitely the 360 Factory Experience, where guests were treated to an exclusive in-depth view of the inner workings at Ferrari’s Maranello factory, using dedicated VR headsets.

Following that, customers then head upstairs to explore the Ferrari pre-owned programme, called Ferrari Approved. The certification programme ensures all models for sale have completed a comprehensive 190-point check by the technician.

And with the waiting time of brand-new Ferraris stretching upwards of two years, we’ve been told that some customers even choose to get themselves a pre-owned model while they wait for their new steed to arrive!

Last but not least, is an in depth look at Ferrari’s after sales services and maintenance programmes offered to all Ferrari models. Even classic models, such as the F355 Berlinetta on display at the showroom, are also eligible for several maintenance programmes – provided that they pass Ferrari’s inspections.

The three-day private event is now unfortunately over, but we’re sure that it left a lasting impression on those lucky enough to be invited – we know it did for us! Well, until we are invited to Maranello for an Universo Ferrari tour again, hopefully soon.



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