We are now just one week away from Ferrari’s first-ever SUV

We are witnessing history, my friends, as the first-ever Ferrari SUV is almost upon us. The Italian supercar maker has announced through its social media pages that its upcoming SUV, dubbed the Ferrari Purosangue (Italian for “thoroughbred”), will be making its debut on September 13, 2022 – officially, at least.

The teaser post also gave us our first proper listen to the new V12 engine at full pelt, and as expected, it’s glorious – we’re still playing it on loop in the office.

Of course, we’ve already pretty much seen the Ferrari Purosangue in full, thanks to a leak back in February that showed off the entire exterior of the purported SUV. Even Ferrari’s own teaser in March also showed off the Purosangue’s front end completely, with just a few basic tweaks to the image.

Cheekily, Ferrari acknowledged this too, on a post from the day before featuring a darkened image of the SUV, with the caption “We know you love to brighten #Ferrari teaser pictures…”. Unfortunately, brightening the image here doesn’t give us any more clues, aside from the hidden text revealing the launch date.

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From what we’ve seen thus far, we know that the Purosangue will feature design cues that are heavily influenced by recent Ferrari models, including the C-shaped headlights from the SF90 Stradale, and a rear end that seems to be inspired by the GTC4 Lusso.

The front fascia will also feature a massive lower intake, with various aerodynamic elements to cater for cooling and air-bending purposes. There’s also a sculpted bonnet with a “power bulge” down the middle, presumably to make space for the new V12 engine that’s already been confirmed for the SUV.

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We’ll know more about the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV very very soon, so sit tight – it’s truly the start of a new era. With performance SUVs from its chief competitors (Lamborghini, Bentley, and Aston Martin just to name a few…) being so popular, don’t be surprised when the Purosangue becomes one of Ferrari’s best-selling model, too – although the company is seemingly planning to limit its availability…


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