Ferrari Purosangue SUV confirmed with first official teaser

In what might be the world’s worst kept secret, Ferrari has now confirmed the existence of the Purosangue with the release of the controversial model’s first teaser photo, giving us our first (official) look at the Prancing Horse’s first-ever SUV.

If you’re wondering, ‘Purosangue’ means ‘thoroughbred’ in Italian. The accompanying announcement alongside the teaser photos also tries to further home in the point by saying: “A car whose bloodline can be traced back through our 75-year history of innovation, evolution and uncompromising performance. Stand by for a genuine game changer.”

The photo doesn’t give away much, at least we now know that the previous leak was pretty much bang on. There’s the SF90-inspired headlights, and the massive gaping lower air intake does bear a passing resemblance to the GTC4Lusso.

Aside from the two Ferrari logos, that’s about all we can see from the sole teaser photo. But based on the leaks, we do know that the lower air intake area will look quite busy, with additional black trims to match the claddings on the wheel arches.

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The Purosangue will ride on a modified version of Ferrari Roma‘s modular front-engine platform, and since it’s a proper SUV, it’ll also feature more ground clearance than you’ll ever see on any Ferrari, plus all-wheel drive and potentially a height-adjustable suspension set-up.

As for powertrain, most rumours are pointing towards an electrified V6, as seen on the Ferrari 296 GTB, that makes up to 830 hp and 740 Nm of torque. There were also rumours of a non-electrified 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 from the SF90 Stradale, and even a V12 engine from the 812 GTS, although the latter two will probably depend on the ever-tightening emissions regulations worldwide.

No further details have been provided, but we do know that we won’t have to wait too much longer, as Ferrari will be officially unveiling the car sometime later this year. Sit tight!


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