BMW is still the most popular car brand on TikTok

Ah, TikTok, the land of weird trends and viral cats. While we here at still haven’t really got into TikTok yet (coming soon…?), there’s no denying that it’s definitely one of the top social media platforms now, with over a billion active users scrolling through an endless stream of videos each day, including ones about cars.

A new study was published by recently highlighting some of the most popular car brands, models, and car-themed influencers on TikTok. And if you need an indication on how fast the industry (and social media trends) move, here’s one.

Compared to a similar study from last year, there’s only one thing in common between the two: BMW remains as the most popular marque on TikTok, with a total of 49.2 billion views on BMW-related videos published on the platform. Coming in a distant second is Mercedes-Benz at 27.1 billion views, while third place is shared between Audi and Honda at 20.4 billion views.

Apparently the most popular car on TikTok.

It’s again a completely different story when it comes to the most popular car models, as the top spot here goes to the all-new Ford Maverick pick-up truck with 10.9 billion views, putting it slightly ahead of the Mustang at 10.7 billion views. That means the first two spots both belong to Ford, even though the marque only came in a joint fifth in the overall brand rankings.

Third place went to the Toyota Supra (9.3 billion views), which I guess you can argue that it’s somewhat a BMW. And just as a comparison, the Dick Lovett study from last year placed the Audi TT at the top spot, followed by the BMW M4 – although it has to be noted that the two studies use a different methodology to compile their data.

As for the influencers, Daniel Mac – known for his “excuse me I love your car what do you do for a living” video – is the most popular car-themed profile on TikTok with 12.6 million followers. Alex Hirschi, or more commonly known by her online persona Supercar Blondie, follows closely in second place with 10.6 million followers on TikTok, while Dima Gordey comes third with 5.1 million followers.

Do you consume automotive content on TikTok? Let us know if these results tally with what you see! Drop a comment on what we need to know about car TikTok, too, as you might just see us there very soon!


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