Lamborghini took its Urus customers on a month-long expedition across Iceland

The Urus might not be the most “Lamborghini” model in the Italian supercar maker’s line-up, but it’s undoubtedly the most successful one – with 20,000 units already delivered in just four years of production. Lamborghini isn’t stopping there just yet, however, as they’ve just organised a month-long expedition across Iceland for its Urus customers to (further) prove to the naysayers that, yes – they can build proper, functional SUVs too.

Dubbed Esperienza Avventura, or Adventure Experience in English, the Iceland expedition is just one of the series of events Lamborghini is planning to organise for its customers “who are most eager to enjoy unexpected and remarkable experiences”.

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This trip focused specifically on the Urus, with fifty customers from across Europe and the Middle East joining in on the fun, driving over 300 km daily over an entire month across Iceland – not only on paved roads, but over tricky terrains as well, visiting some of the most iconic locations on the southern Icelandic coast including lava flows, the Jokursarlon Glacier Lagoon, and the Kvernufoss waterfall.

Obviously, the trip was also designed to show off the Urus’ capabilities, specifically off the beaten path. Lamborghini was quick to point out that the versatility of the super SUV allows its buyers to do much more than they could with the other models in its line-up, with the added ride height, sophisticated adaptive suspension and driving modes, plus the 650 hp/850 Nm twin-turbo V8 engine underneath the hood helping things along both on- and off-road.

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“It was extraordinary to see so many Urus all together in a setting like Iceland, with so many different routes and road surfaces in which to put them to the test,” commented Lamborghini Chairman and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, who also took part in one of the stages.

“Unlock Any Road, the positioning concept that customers recognize in the Urus, was expressed here more than ever: not only because of the different landscapes the cars drove across and the decidedly adventurous feel of the event, but also because of the multiple Ad Personam configurations offered on board the car, where the almost unlimited offering of colors and customizations become a reflection of the Urus owner’s personality,” he added.



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